1. Masculine Leadership And Attraction In A Virtual World - MTP348 Scot McKay 33:56

Co-Host Dr. Gleb Tsipursky (https://mountaintoppodcast.com/hybrid) Men and women have been meeting each other through computers for ages now, of course. But during the pandemic we were actually told to stay away from each other IRL and focus on ‘Zoom dating’, remember? For better or worse, even now people are still not leaving the house to socialize. Many are still even complaining about having to leave the house to go to work. All of this may not be optimal for real, actual interpersonal socialization…but it’s what most people want. So, according to my good friend Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, we’d better stop fighting it and start getting used to it. And here’s the thing…that means our classic ideas regarding masculine leadership and even attracting women have GOT to adapt. Men who do so successfully will win, while those who don’t will be left in the dust. So then, you can see just how important this topic really is, even as NOBODY else seems to be discussing it. First off, in-person everything is trying to be replaced by virtual meetings and deliveries. But is that even really possible? It has to be…or else. What is ‘status quo bias’, and how does it work in combination with ‘functional fixedness’? What are the real reasons why women seem to prolong virtual interaction before actually meeting? What are ‘native virtual interactions’, are they anything like ‘naked virtual interactions’, and why don’t we do more of either of those with women? How does all of this translate to greater effectiveness and influence as leaders in business and in our social circles? Get in on this month’s Masterclass For Men and more at https://mountaintoppodcast.com


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Scot McKay Dating Strategist

Scot McKay has shared bad jokes with North Korean military officers, sipped coffee at Pablo Escobar’s home (served by his maid), survived a shark attack while surfing, held his breath as the pride of lions walked by his tent, and blitzed through California canyons with his knee on the double-yellow line at 140 mph. Yet somehow, he has also been referred to as the “sane one” on Twitter by Scott Adams, of all people.

But despite once being mobbed by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, being able to back a 30′ travel trailer into its slot on the first try, and that time he beat the World Champion at his own sport (no details provided), he’s still the most objective and down-to-earth dating expert out there.

He’s also the most fluff-free fountainhead of original content in his field, if only because that’s what seventeen years of immersive geekery on the subject does for someone.

Scot’s wife Emily is his “proof of concept”, given that she’s just as sweet as she is smokin’ hot and still gets carded at her age. But you’ll never hear her brag about any of that, only Scot.

His show The Mountain Top has also been named a Top 10 Dating Podcast by DatingAdvice.com, and a long time ago Grader.com weirdly ranked Scot the #1 most influential Facebook user in the world.