1. Episode 98--Understanding How Adverse Childhood Experiences Impact Society with Dr. Shree Walker Billy Lahr 58:35

In this week’s episode, Billy talks with Dr. Shree Walker, the founder of Resilient Walker. She formerly served as Director of Special Education and Special Education Local Plan Area in Los Angeles County and as the Director of Section 504 and Special Populations for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools in Nashville, Tennessee. She also served as an Adjunct Professor at Belmont University and serves on the leadership committee for the Sexual Assault Center, Nashville, Tennessee. She is here today to share how she navigated her own adverse childhood experiences and why taking ownership of our own Self-Care is so important.  

Billy and Dr. Walker discuss:

–The adverse childhood experiences she has experienced in her lifetime
–How the brain changes after experiencing trauma
–How the financial impact of ACEs not only affects the individuals who undergo the trauma but also impacts the American taxpayer
–Dr. Walker’s rebuttal to Dr. Hovington’s “Nature vs. Nurture” take
–How Resilience and grit differ but work together
–How gratitude, compassion, and mindfulness help build resiliency

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Check out her website and IG. You can email her at: shree.walker@resilientwalker.com

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