1. Episode 88--Strength at Every Angle with Venus Lau Billy Lahr 1:08:20

In this week’s episode, Billy talks with Venus Lau, a mindful movement coach, fitness trainer, sports performance coach, fitness model, and former NCAA Division I athlete with over 15 certifications ranging from National Academy of Sports Medicine, Animal Flow, Yoga Alliance, kettlebell, TRX, breathwork, & more. Venus values strength at every angle and adaptability, so we can move to live with an incredible body, mind, and soul.

Billy and Venus discuss:

–How this idea of “strength at every angle” goes beyond just the body
–What life events shaped the person she is today
–How she got into personal training specializing in mobility and flow
–Why it is so essential to incorporate flow and mobility into our workout routines, especially as we get older
–Why our passions the outcomes of your strengths and not a driving force

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Billy Lahr The Mindful Midlife Crisis Podcast

Billy Lahr is currently the host of The Mindful Midlife Crisis, a podcast for people navigating the complexities and possibilities of life’s second half. Billy spent 21 years as an educator but became disenfranchised the last half due to budding mental health concerns and lack of job satisfaction. In 2021, Billy left his job as dean of students in order to travel the world in search of more meaningful life experiences. Since then, Billy has been focused on helping others navigate their own midlife crisis more mindfully through practical and intentional daily routines that focus on consistency, discipline, and mindful awareness.