1. 292. Healing Trauma and Finding Joy Through Sound Therapy: Dr. Binyamin Klempner Kara Goodwin 43:30

Experience the unexpected power of sound healing as Dr. Binyamin Klempner’s extraordinary journey unfolds. From the tender age of six, the mesmerizing music of Tchaikovsky ignited a spark within him, setting him on a path unknown. But it wasn’t until his son’s diagnosis with paranoid schizophrenia that his exploration of sound therapy truly began. Join us as we delve into the transformative world of sound, where ancient instruments and melodies hold the key to profound healing and inner peace. Brace yourself for a tale filled with twists and turns, as the untold possibilities of sound therapy unravel before your very ears.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the transformative realm of sound healing.

  • Explore the practice of Nad yoga for inner acoustics.

  • Set free from the confines of understanding in meditation.

  • Realize the potent impact of compassion in healing with sound.

  • Expose yourself to the HARP method as sonic therapy.

Embrace the transformative power of sound therapy with Binyamin Klempner. Dr. Klempner offers a unique approach to healing by utilizing sound. With an early spark of interest in the healing impact of music, Dr. Klempner took a sojourn into the power of sound. From reveling in the cosmic beats of the Grateful Dead to finding peace in the melodic rhythm of native flutes to a deep connection with the gong, his extensive journey with sound has led him to develop the therapeutic ‘Harmonic Affect Regulation Protocol’. His work is a testament to his belief that true healing is tied to our ability to listen to and express our inner song. Dr. Klempner’s dedication towards seeking alternative healing methods paves the way for an enlightening conversation.

The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:15 – Introduction 00:03:55 – Journey and Healing with Sound 00:10:21 – Experimenting with Sound for Healing 00:14:10 – Expanding Sound Healing with Different Instruments 00:17:47 – The Graduation of Nad Yoga 00:19:19 – Language of the Inner Sound 00:20:38 – Letting Go of the Need to Understand 00:23:17 – Stepping Beyond Mental Acuity 00:29:47 – Compassion in Sound Healing 00:35:11 – The Power of Sound and Memory 00:36:23 – The Harp Method and its Origins 00:38:02 – Healing Traumatic and Positive Memories 00:40:01 – The Beauty of Ancient Healing Instruments 00:41:56 – Resources for Sound Therapy


  • Check out Dr. Binyamin Klempner’s work at https://theharpmethod.com/

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  • Embrace the opportunity to shift your mind, body, and spirit complex with simple healing practices like music and sound therapy

Kara Goodwin Meditation and Transformation Coach

Kara Goodwin is like a personal trainer for spiritual aspirants. She is passionate about helping those who wish to expand beyond the physical plane to tap into the wisdom and gifts within them and grow into a truer understanding of who they are. While she derives great fulfillment from swimming in mystical waters, she equally values nurturing her Earthly side through motherhood, animals, plants, and treatment-free beekeeping.