1. 249. Unmasking Your Mind-Body Connection - JJ Flizanes Kara Goodwin 43:20

Want a secret ingredient for manifestation? You’re going to want to hear what JJ has to tell you in this episode!

JJ Flizanes has conquered her fear of being ‘not smart’ and released her victim story. She has unlocked the powerful mind-body connection and discovered the emotional source of physical pain. You will learn: 1. What is the Mind-Body Connection and how does it relate to our overall health? 2. How can the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics be used to understand our physical body and emotional wellbeing?  3. What is JJ’s secret ingredient for manifestation that most people miss? JJ Flizanes is an empowerment strategist and creator of the Empowering Minds Network. She is an expert in blending the physical and emotional aspects of health and wellness, helping her clients remove emotional blocks to propel their growth.

Kara Goodwin Meditation and Transformation Coach

Kara Goodwin is like a personal trainer for spiritual aspirants. She is passionate about helping those who wish to expand beyond the physical plane to tap into the wisdom and gifts within them and grow into a truer understanding of who they are. While she derives great fulfillment from swimming in mystical waters, she equally values nurturing her Earthly side through motherhood, animals, plants, and treatment-free beekeeping.