1. 166. Ghost Cat, Orbs, and Crystals - Michelle Kennedy Kara Goodwin 41:07

Michelle Kennedy had my full attention when she described one of her awakening experiences as a child that included a ghost cat!

Our interview continued to gain my intrigue as one orb after the other appeared on her Zoom screen. 

Michelle is no stranger to energetic experiences, which is how she has found herself as a reiki master, akashic records reader, and author of Hold Space: Affirmations & Meditations for Healing & Loving Yourself. In this episode we discuss:

  • Stories of how her healing and intuitive gifts presented themselves.
  • What are the akashic records?
  • Suggestions on crystals.
  • What are starseeds? Are people just from one star system or can you be from multiple?

IG: @myreikihealer


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