1. The Soul's Journey: Discovering Purpose in Every Aspect of Life Jeffrey Besecker 50:15


It implies movement. With all motion inferring a dynamic “mover”.

Matter is dormant, yet humans are an active power – a free will; so it stands to reason, there must be within them an immaterial principle.

A guiding force – something BIGGER. Both immortal and eternal…Right?

As our questioning turns to the soul, science leads us to challenge the consensus. Are we souls, bodies – or some divine combination of the two? One famous critic of the soul, Nancey Murphy captures this “leftover” attitude quite well:

“The concept of the self has long served as a replacement for the soul in several disciplines, such as psychology, and ordinary language as well. No significant neuroscientist has been a dualist since the death of Sir John Eccles.”

The science community considering it. Our religious axioms canonize it. And Modern Psychology extols how embracing our soul is essential for our overall well-being.

Just how do we connect with this seemingly mystical entity – if at all?

Join us today as we step into these soul-baring questions with our guest, Celestial Guide, and Shaman, Roxanne Chaput – As we seek to demystify the SOUL on The Light Inside.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the soul after we die?

Maybe you even question what this thing called soul REALLY is (or even if some of us have one at all? ).

When it comes to the soul, here’s what you need to know…

  1. What is the soul, and how does it affect our physical being?
  2. What is our purpose as souls, both in general and individually?
  3. How can we flow with our soul’s purpose, rather than resist it?
  4. How understanding the role of chakras and somatic energies guides our healing journey?

Join us on Episode #128 as we go into a lot more detail with the amazing Roxanne Chaput.

The call of the soul: what is it and how do we measure its existence?

Roxanne Chaput guides us through understanding our soul’s purpose and how to follow our path without resistance.

Featured Guests: Roxanne Chaput

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