1. The New Light: Explore, Learn, Grow Jeffrey Besecker 2:24


Its perhaps the one thing in life with any certainty. Inevitable in its being, and as a result, evolution and growth become possible. As human being, we often get stuck in our habits- the patterns of our belief and being.

Like moss on a stone, weighing us down. After two years of podcasting- we’ve been seeing and doing things a certain way. But now, thats about to change- and for the better.

Its time.

For new perspectives, to see things a little differently, to shine in a way which allows us to see things under a new light.

During this period of realignment, we’ll take a short break from our program.And when we return, relaunching with a new, more expansive format. Giving you a fuller, richer narrative from which to more fearlessly explore, learn, and  grow.

Investing even greater attention to research, study, and supporting data. Featuring a broader scope of guests- in each episode. And providing; what we feel will become further clarity into the behaviors and patterns driving us all!

Traversing the ever-expansive fields of Human Potential, Neuroscience, Psychology, and The Metaphysical.

We’ll explore a more prolific diversity of topics -such as reframing accomplishment, perceptual realities, post traumatic Grief, and Neophobia – or the fear of learning. As we delve even further into what may, or may not; make us human.

Change is seldom about where you begin, where you end up, or even in how you view the ride…

Its about taking meaningful action!

We hope ours will inspire you to new heights of awareness and growth. Only those who risk going far, ever possibly figure out where they will go. We hope to take you with us- on this new journey….

Empowering you to discover even more of The Light Inside.

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Jeffrey B. Besecker The Light Inside, Podcaster

Hi! I am Jeffrey Besecker. Using data-driven methodologies, we explore why we behave the way we do as human beings - think of it as investigative reporting for the soul.

We are all on the journey to discover the light inside, that beacon that guides us to live our truest, most authentic selves.

You can hear more from Jeffrey on his podcast The Light Inside where he aims to deliver actionable insights into our unconscious behaviors leading to richer, happier, and more fulfilling lives.