1. The Essence of Confidence: Developing Quiet Courage Jeffrey Besecker 1:11:52

The Oxford dictionary describes confidence as the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.
To quote the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz “If you think you lack courage – well you, my friend, are the victim of disorganized thinking.”
We all know that being confident gives you an edge in life and there are many articles written on how to “become confident.” with many of the recommendations being the same.

Projecting confidence helps us gain credibility.
While empowering us to deal with pressure.
Which enables us to tackle personal and professional challenges.

While courage alone is often an effective life goal – Its also an attractive trait, as confidence helps us put others at ease. Yet none of this is an innate, fixed characteristic, but rather an ability that can be acquired and improved over time through courage, emotional strength, and fortitude.
So just how DO WE improve our confidence on a daily basis?
Today we explore how to develop quiet courage as we embrace the essence of confidence. Facing ostracism, and rejection as he struggling with His identity, Lee Hopkins fled his small-town Ohio roots for California, Seeking to find a sense of both understanding and belonging.
Lee identifies as a transgender male, which means he was born as a female with female anatomy, but transitioned into a male. His perspectives lend thoughtful insight into how many transgender individuals are facing conditions that might seem more like a cruel social experiment.
As they are cut off from connecting face-to-face with the people they typically look to for support, encouragement, and acceptance – loneliness and isolation are a nearly inevitable result.
Loneliness tends to stir up negative feelings, and while these can be useful to explore our inner selves, we are also averse to them and want to avoid them as much as possible. The time and energy spent on developing friendships with others can often become emotionally draining without Self-Care and self-awareness.
During our interview with Lee, we explored how our listeners can gain a deeper understanding of the role social judgment, stigmatization, and comparison can often play in further separating us from a supportive community of friends and loved ones.
Confidence and Relationship Coach, Dominey Drew shares how we can develop quiet confidence in our own sense of self-security.

Guests in order of appearance:
Lee Hopkins
Dominey Drew
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