1. The Autonomic Ladder: Unlock Your Natural Inner Power w/ John Eli Garay Jeffrey Besecker 1:02:41


Our emotional reactivity frequently causes it to surface as the emotional turmoil we feel. You’ve perhaps heard this clique, and often worn phrase – “We can’t grow without pain; or maybe – it’s discomfort”?

But, what if we can and DOfrequently grow; in states that exist free of this existentially created and self-inflicted state of pain and suffering?

  • “If you’re feeling helpless, frustrated, and overwhelmed as you try to navigate the complexities of your autonomic nervous system.”

Despite trying various therapies, medications, and lifestyle changes, then this episode is for you!

It’s not uncommon for us to feel that life, the world, other people, and even ourselves – are getting on our nerves. A very specific nerve located in our autonomic central nervous system – to be exact. We may, or may, not be able to eliminate all existential pain and suffering from our lives – yet some of it can certainly serve a valid and healthy purpose.

In spite of this, when we navigate through our fleeting emotions and conditioned beliefs, we frequently find ourselves emotionally triggered and activated – with a drive to only react.

And it all starts to feel like we are playing a childish game of emotional chutes and ladders….

When John Eli Garay, a second-generation American, discovers Neuroception, our naturally- inherent ability to scan for cues of safety and danger, he must confront the cognitive dissonance between his past trauma and present reality in order to self-regulate and feel secure.

John Eli Garay is a mental health professional and self-awareness coach, specializing in neuroception and autonomic nervous system regulation. He is passionate about helping others understand how to self-regulate, while feeling safe and secure.

“Discover your natural power to self-regulate and feel safe with Neuroception: the foundation of all feeling.”

Here’s what I cover with John Eli Garay in this episode:

1. What is neuroception, and how does it govern our ability to self-regulate and feel safe and secure?

2. How does the autonomic ladder function in regard to our ability to engage neuroception?

3. What typical actions do we exhibit when we are in an avoidant behavior mode?

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Featured Guest: John Eli Garay

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