1. Shadow Integration: Removing Emotional Baggage to Release False Beliefs with Hoda Zekavat Jeffrey Besecker 1:07:21

As children, we are each given a metaphorical bag and this bag, we carry throughout our lives. And we fill the bag with all the desires and wants and needs- And more often than not- the beliefs and ideas that other people around us frown upon, disapproving of them.

In order to be loved and accepted, we take those ideas and thoughts and beliefs and desires. Shoving them down into this bag. The bag grows, becoming heavier, and heavier, and HEAVIER as we go through life -Often until it becomes so heavy, we feel stuck and unable to move.

Yet we continue to carrying The Bag, throughout our lives.

In psychology, this bag is often called the Shadow Self. We’re going to take a look at how we can begin to unpack this bag, and bring our shadow self back into integration- Allowing us to live an aware and aligned life. Fully integrated within our true self and our core beliefs.

Today we explore rewiring our energetic field, that spark that powers out sense of being. That spark- empowering us to step into our light so that we can begin to write more effective narratives.

Join us in this conversation with our guest, Transformation Coach, Hoda Zekavat, as we discover how shadow work can guide us on this journey back to The Light Inside.

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