1. Authentic Embodiment: The Fallacy Of Identity In Business and Life with Jermane Cheathem Jeffrey Besecker 1:04:07

 What if everything your ever wanted is on the other side of fear? 
Today We ask- Am I caught in an identity that has the potential to hold me back from my flow? Identity has the ability to influence every aspect of our character and being. 

What allows us to break free. To Live free.
Discover how to simplify your life for more peace, happiness and joy.
In the process, maximizing opportunities and minimizing stress.

Eckhart Tolle shared this great advice-
“Ask yourself: Is there joy, ease, and lightness in what I am Doing?
If there isn’t, then time is covering up the present moment and life is perceived as a burden or struggle.”
You see, our goal as business leaders should not just be focused on building economies of scale- our very being should be guided toward building better systems of sustainable abundance in all areas of our existence.
How do we accomplish this?
By nurturing all areas of our lives- all those that it touches. We become the energy we place into the world.
What we build with love-Thrives.
What we plan with care- Endures.
The seed we plant in others- Bears fruit for all.
It’s not just an economic cycle. It’s aligning with the very core of our existence. Within balance and harmony.
How do we begin to educate the next generation of true leadership in order to build a new tomorrow?

We are about to Discover how “The Fallacy of Identity” is keeping you from Moving past who you think you are and into all you can be, in this discussion with Jermane Cheathem, The Minimalist Entrepreneur on The Light Inside.

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