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July 7th, 2024

201: A lIfe of 'Figital': Giuseppe Stigliano

  1. 201: A lIfe of 'Figital': Giuseppe Stigliano Adam Pacifico 40:00

Giuseppe Stigliano is the global CEO of Spring Studios in New York which which was the venue for the Wall Street Journal ‘Future of Everything’ Festival. We filmed this episode on the rooftop of the studio overlooking The Hudson river and surrounding area.

Giuseppe is Italian and moved to Milan to study marketing working in multiple businesses with early experiences of leadership.

He now travels between London and New York in his role as CEO for Spring Studios. He has an entrepreneurial spirit so the NYC location is a multiple use site including an event space, studio business, private members club and more making it a unique agency with a core business focused on luxury, Fashion and lifestyle.

Giuseppe is an entrepreneur by background, an author with Philip Kotler (the grandfather of marketing) adjunct professor and keynote speaker who also holds a Phd in marketing and economics. Giuseppe believes that the more you curiously explore opportunities and relationships the more life has to offer.

He is currently redefining retail in a landscape of significant digital transformation and specialises in helping people navigate the 4P’s of marketing (product , price, place & promotion) with a mindset shifting from making people want things to making things people want.

Is the High Street dead? Giuseppe says no, if you can make it absolutely compelling for people to leave their sofas and online lives. Some of the biggest shifts for a retail business is the role of ‘Figital’, a three dimensional world of the physical, digital and the virtual. The plethora of data allows business to target the right message to the right person at the right time. Gen AI is changing the landscape again as it can create new ways of using what we already have available to us. However, Giuseppe also reminds us that AI will give us back time and can never compete with the truly human centred capabilities such as curiosity, empathy and creativity, simply more time for us to be human.

Marketing is key for every business. This is also changing. Supply exceeds demand so the competition is high. Marketing has historically been focused on making people want things but now the sheer amount of data available allows people to consider what do we need to create for the people based on the insights we have. Gen AI can now help the smallest of businesses to master the data analytics.

Giuseppe is always learning as a leader. He is a believer that the next generation of employees require servant leaders but also recognises that no one size fits all. Leadership has to flex to the context of the businesses growth and maturity. Giuseppe understands the importance of allowing smart people who are more expert that the CEO to be allowed and fully empowered to operate as they see fit. A leader must know when to get out of the way.

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Adam Pacifico The Leadership Enigma

Adam Pacifico is the host of the award winning, globally ranked podcast, The Leadership Enigma. He has spent 3 decades experiencing and exploring the best and worst of human behaviour in his various roles as a barrister defending and prosecuting in the criminal courts and as an operational police officer on the streets of London. He is insatiably curious and continues looking for the differentiators as to who, how and why people out perform in leadership roles. He is the author of 'The Leader's Secret Code' (shortlisted for business book of the year) and had delivered events nationally and internationally to over 60,000 people.

His passion for leadership is based on advice from his mentor: 'The children of the people you lead will know your name, in what context is up to you.'

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