1. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER! A Kandid Chat w/ Dr. Ed Daube ”The Emotions Dr” The Kandid Shop Podcast LLC 27:21

I had the opportunity to have a kandid chat on the hot-button topic of emotions and

managing your emotions. I was joined for this discussion by a Clinical Psychologist, Blogger,

and Author of “Emotions as Tools” & “Beyond Anger Management,” Dr. Ed Daube aka “the

Emotions Doctor.”

Key takeaways:

  • Emotions are often not taught in our culture, leaving us to struggle with understanding and managing them.
  • The emotions as tools model help us to understand and use emotions to improve our lives and relationships.
  • Anger can be seen as a signal that something needs to change.
  • Emotions automatically put our body into fight-or-flight mode
  • Every emotion has a message, and understanding that message allows you to master your emotions as strategic tools.
  • Fear is a present-based emotion that signals a real threat, and it is always best to validate that fear and get out of the situation for your safety.
  • Anger management tends not to work because it teaches you to control anger, vs. learning to control your reaction and response, not the emotion itself.
  • Identify the physical sensations that tell you when you are experiencing an emotion, such as anger, anxiety or fear.
  • Practice managing your emotions to make them a habit.

By mastering our emotions and understanding their message, we can use the information they provide to move forward positively.


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Emotions as Tools: A Self-Help Guide to Controlling Your Life, Not Your Feelings


Beyond Anger Management: Master Your Anger as a Strategic Tool.



About My Guest

Dr. Ed Daube is a renowned clinical psychologist and author who is widely known as The

Emotions Doctor. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology and is an Amazon best-selling

author of two books, “Emotions as Tools: A Self-Help Guide to Controlling Your Life, Not

Your Feelings,” and “Beyond Anger Management: Master Your Anger as a Strategic Tool.”

Both of his books are available on Amazon.com.

Dr. Daube is a Senior Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of LaVerne in

Southern California, where he specializes in making complex subjects, such as emotions,

understandable. He is highly skilled at helping individuals gain a deeper understanding of

their emotions and how they can effectively manage them. Through his writings, Dr. Daube

aims to help people become more aware of their emotional patterns and develop strategies to

manage their emotions effectively.


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