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June 15th, 2024

Unlocking Food Freedom: Lynn Weimar's Guide to Wellness Beyond 50

  1. Unlocking Food Freedom: Lynn Weimar's Guide to Wellness Beyond 50 Khudania Ajay 27:07

Join Lynn Weimar, founder of Be Fit Beyond Fifty, as she shares her inspiring journey of overcoming emotional eating, food addictions, and obesity beyond the age of fifty. In this powerful episode, Lynn will reveal the mindset shifts and holistic approach that enabled her to break free from traditional dieting and reclaim her life. Discover practical strategies to cultivate self-acceptance, embrace change, and prioritize overall well-being over mere weight loss.

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1. Learn how to address the root causes of emotional eating and food addiction.
2. Understand the true meaning of food freedom and how it can transform your life.
3. Discover the importance of valuing yourself and embracing where you are right now.
4. Get practical tips on shifting to a more natural, nutritious diet for sustainable weight loss.
5. Find out how to create a clear vision for your life and make empowering choices every day.

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LYNN WEIMAR, MSN, has a passion and mission to transform the lives of women beyond fifty who struggle with emotional eating, food addictions, and obesity.
Having struggled with similar issues herself, she has combined her previous healing process and mindset work with her experience as an RN and research as an MSN to bring hope and freedom to people of all ages.
Lynn is the founder of Be Fit Beyond Fifty and the author of Be Free Beyond Fifty.

Your host, Khudania Ajay (KAJ), is a seasoned content entrepreneur, podcast host, and independent journalist with over two decades of media industry experience. Having worked with prestigious organizations like CNBC (India), Reuters, and Press Trust of India, Ajay is dedicated to helping you succeed through his LIVE Masterclasses. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated from hosting over 1200 podcasts, Ajay brings unparalleled expertise and insights to every episode.
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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Lynn’s Journey
03:27 Defining Food Freedom
05:05 Transformation Insights
09:17 Starting New Habits
12:28 Non-Diet Weight Loss
17:01 Be Free Beyond 50 Book
20:19 Life at 50+
24:30 Empowering Conclusion

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Audio Credits: Misfits (Instrumental) by RYYZN

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Khudania Ajay Content Entrepreneur, Podcast Host & Ind. Journalist

Khudania Ajay is a writer, podcast host, and independent journalist. In his 20-plus years in the media, he has worked with renowned organizations such as CNBC (India), Reuters, and Press Trust of India (PTI). Now, he is dedicated to helping his audience succeed through his LIVE Masterclasses.

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