1. 48 - Giving Tuesday - Supporting Kids whose Parents have Cancer 30:53

Cancer is awful and negatively affects everyone it touches.  One group particularly affect are children whose parents have cancer.  In this episode, host Catryn Becker speaks with non-profit Executive Director Alicia Kabir about her organization Kesem which offers camps to support those children.  Additionally, Catryn and Alicia discuss some of the business challenges that come with running a non-profit.

About Alicia Kabir:

Alicia is Kesem’s Chief Executive Officer. She joined Kesem in 2017 as Chief Operating Officer and as a member of Kesem’s Boston Board of Directors. Prior to joining Kesem, she spent over 20 years in environmental compliance and sustainability consulting. Alicia earned her BS in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and her MS in Environmental Engineering from Tufts University. Alicia believes that every child affected by a parent’s cancer should have the opportunity to simply be a kid and be their best self. She resides outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, two boys, and dog. Alicia loves to travel and enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, and road biking.

 About Kesem:

5 million children are coping with a parent’s cancer diagnosis. That’s 5 million children at risk of experiencing increased anxiety, emotional isolation, loss of social interest, and/or feelings of hopelessness. And that’s why, at Kesem, we are committed to creating a world where every child who has a parent with a cancer diagnosis or has lost a parent to cancer is never alone. We support these children through and beyond their parent’s cancer with free, fun-filled creative programs and a lasting community.

Connect with Alicia Kabir and Kesem

LinkedIn – Alicia Kabir@KesemNationwide 

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