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Navigating Fatherhood and Business

  1. Navigating Fatherhood and Business 25:29

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re thrilled to launch Season 4 of The Girl Dad Show! 🎉 This season opens with a look at the unique challenges of being both a dedicated father and a successful professional. Our host, Young Han, explores the transformative journey of modern fatherhood, sharing strategies for staying present and deeply engaged with our children amidst the chaos of daily responsibilities.

-Balancing work and family life is a significant challenge for many fathers, impacting their ability to be present and engaged with their children.

-Storytelling and creative activities can be powerful tools for building connections and fostering meaningful interactions with kids.

-The evolving dynamics of parenting require fathers to adapt and be more present, thoughtful, and engaged in their children’s lives.

-Building a supportive community of fellow dads and learning from the experiences of others can provide valuable insights and guidance for navigating the complexities of fatherhood and professional life.

-The new format for Season 4 of the Girl Dad Show will be 2 high-quality episodes a month.

Please enjoy & subscribe!

ABOUT OUR HOST: Young Han is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, investor, business coach and parent who is widely recognized for his expertise in helping small business owners reach their first 1 million dollar milestone in annual revenues. Having started 6 businesses before the age of 30, and currently operating 8 of his own businesses, while Coaching dozens; Young uses his deep understanding of operations and growth to empower fellow business owners to unlock their full potential.

FOLLOW US! Website: https://thegirldadshow.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TheGirlDadShow/
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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-girl-dad-show

ABOUT OWNERS CLUB: Young launched an exclusive community called ‘Owners Club’ in 2023. This is a community where ambitious and growth-minded business owners come together to effectively scale their passions into profits. Members take part in interactive workshops led by industry experts, network with other business owners and gain access to resources tailored to their specific career fields. For being a valuable TGDS listener you are eligible for an exclusive discount on Owners Club membership! 

Find out more about Owners Club: https://www.owners.club/
Apply Now to Owners Club: https://ownersclub.samcart.com/products/owners-club-membership/

*Use code TGDS75 for 75% off the first year of your annual membership!  *If you click on our links, we may receive a tiny commission AND… most of the time, you will receive an offer. Win/Win! The products that The Girl Dad Show recommends are the ones we believe in.

Young Han Serial Puzzler and Coffee Fanatic

I'm a business consultant for tech startups and business coach to service businesses. I'm the proud owner of multiple small businesses and the host of The Girl Dad Show.

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