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  1. Ep #89 | Girl Dad Talks | Season 2 Finale 34:07

In this episode, Young discusses the current state of the economy and the fear it brings, emphasizing the importance of focusing on what you can control and leading activities instead of lagging indicators. Young also shares how podcasting has helped him grow in many ways, and he reflects on the amazing guests he has had on the show. Finally, he shares his favorite life lessons with his guests, including being a fountain, not a drain, and how to handle accidents.

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I’m all about operations. I have started companies, scaled hyper-growth startups, and understand a variety of industries. As a fractional COO, I guide companies through myriad challenges, from exponential growth to adapting to market shifts. I’ve experienced an incredible range of business journeys from small to big, early to late stage, and across many different industries.


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I'm a business consultant for tech startups and business coach to service businesses. I'm the proud owner of multiple small businesses and the host of The Girl Dad Show.