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Why You Should Listen to Your Soul for Guidance and Self Care

  1. Why You Should Listen to Your Soul for Guidance and Self Care Diane Schroeder 34:08

This week on “The Fire Inside Her,” Diane Schroeder chats with Livia Jenvey about unlocking the power of feminine intuition and energy management for entrepreneurial success. Livia, the founder of Empowered Star Boss LLC, reveals her secrets to overcoming self-doubt and staying motivated, while also sharing her comprehensive Self-Care routine. Discover how setting boundaries and trusting your gut can propel you forward in your business journey. The conversation also touches on the supportive nature of women-owned businesses and the need for community over competition. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, this episode is brimming with wisdom and inspiration to help you thrive.

Livia Jenvey embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at a young age, diving into the business world without guidance or support. She faced numerous challenges and made many mistakes that ultimately took a toll on her health, leading to a collapse and a trip to the emergency room due to overwork. This grueling experience drove Livia to write a book aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs who doubt themselves and struggle to trust their decisions. Her book is designed to help women navigate their entrepreneurial ventures with confidence and to realign with their inner guide—the inner compass that fuels their entrepreneurial spirit. Livia’s story serves as a testament to the importance of trusting oneself amidst a society that often encourages otherwise.

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Diane Schroeder, MA, EFO, is a nationally recognized speaker, self-care coach, and podcast host specializing in empowering individuals in midlife. With 24 years of leadership experience in the male-dominated fire service, Diane advocates for self-care as a catalyst for authentic style, work-life balance, and increased productivity. Her expertise, combined with a Master's degree in organizational leadership, offers data-driven guidance to leaders. Through her popular podcast, The Fire Inside Her, and engaging speaking engagements nationwide, Diane shares her insights. She is also a TEDx speaker and currently working on her first book.

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