1. Principles of Communication: What You Say Versus How You Say it The Fallible Man 11:21

Have you ever found yourself in a communication quagmire, struggling to convey your thoughts, or having your words misconstrued? If so, you’re not alone. Communication can be a minefield of misunderstandings, and that’s why this episode is tailor-made for you.

Join your host, Brent, as he delves into the world of effective communication and the crucial dichotomy of ‘what you say’ versus ‘how you say it.’ Brent shares valuable insights, personal experiences, and practical tips to help you navigate this essential aspect of life.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

🔹 Why tonality matters: Discover how the way you speak can convey emotions and intentions, shaping the way your message is received.

🔹 The importance of volume: Find out how the volume of your communication can impact your message and relationships.

🔹 Word choices that resonate: Learn how to select words that are clear and unambiguous, ensuring your message is understood without confusion.

🔹 The power of body language: Understand how your posture, gestures, and even your Wardrobe can enhance or undermine your communication.


Effective communication isn’t just a skill; it’s the key to unlocking understanding, connection, and success in both personal and professional interactions. Brent and The Fallible Man Podcast are here to guide you on this transformative journey.


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