1. Level Up Your Life: The Role of Humility in Personal Development The Fallible Man 11:33

Welcome to The Fallible Man Podcast, where we unravel the secret holding you back. In this episode, we explore the power of humility—the underrated force that can revolutionize your world. I’m Brent, your host, and on today’s show, we confront stubbornness and pride, urging you to embrace humility as the first step toward personal growth.


Labeling ourselves as “good enough” can be a blind spot, hindering us from acknowledging areas where we can improve. Whether you’re a CEO, dedicated father, or lifelong learner, the pursuit of self-improvement never truly ends.


Actor Alan Ritchson’s insight into success in Hollywood serves as a powerful analogy for life—the realization that there’s always more work to be done. The episode challenges the notion that acknowledging room for improvement equates to failure, emphasizing that humility is the cornerstone of personal development.


Join us as we navigate the intersection of strength and vulnerability, recognizing that true kings are made with humility. Don’t miss this candid exploration of self-discovery and growth on The Fallible Man Podcast. Subscribe now for an eye-opening journey toward a more empowered life. #FallibleManPodcast #Humility #PersonalDevelopment #SelfImprovement

David Dowlen Relationship and Personal Development Coach

My name is Brent and I am an entrepreneur mostly known for being a Men’s Relationship & Personal Development Coach, the Host of The Fallible Man Podcast, a Speaker, Personal Trainer and an Event Coordinator.