1. Award Winning Author: ” This NEW Approach to Family Communication will CHANGE Parenting FOREVER!” The Fallible Man 48:19

Parents, have you heard these common myths about improving communication skills with your children? Award Winning Author Susy Lee is here to reveal the truth and change parenting forever with her NEW approach to family communication. Don’t miss out on this game-changing advice that will strengthen your bond with your children and create a more harmonious household.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Embrace the power of role modeling to enhance your intentional parenting skills.
  • Master effective communication techniques for resolving conflicts within your family.
  • Unlock your child’s full potential by encouraging creativity and character-building.
  • Utilize conversation templates to foster empathy and instill positive values in your children.
  • Discover valuable resources and guidance to support your journey towards becoming a better father.

My special guest is Susy Lee

Meet Susy Lee, the award-winning author and family communication expert who is revolutionizing parenting. Susy’s book, “Raising Kids Who Care,” has been praised for its groundbreaking approach to family communication, helping parents build stronger, more meaningful connections with their children. With a background in Peace and Conflict studies, Susy has a deep understanding of the significance of effective communication in fostering positive relationships. Her passion for helping families navigate the challenges of modern life has made her a trusted authority in the world of parenting, inspiring countless parents to create lasting bonds with their children.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – Importance of Role Modeling         
00:01:07 – Introduction         
00:02:43 – Reaching Full Potential         
00:05:19 – Proud Accomplishments                   

00:09:10 – Susy Lee’s Book                  

00:15:22 – The Purpose of the Book         

00:16:39 – Kids’ Creativity           

00:23:22 – Effective Communication           

00:24:24 – Four Sections of the Book                 

00:26:55 – Collaboration              

00:31:05 – Benefits of Disagreement            

00:34:19 – Approaching Communication with Humility           

00:38:24 – Elements of a Great Conversation                 

00:42:04 – Using Ears and Mouth in Proportion               

00:46:21 – Supporting Dads in Their Parenting Journey                 

00:46:47 – Building a Community of Dads              

00:47:23 – Raising Kids Who Care         

00:47:45 – Being the Best Version of Yourself               

00:48:02 – Wrapping Up     

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