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July 10th, 2024

Alcohol Unveiled: Questioning Assumptions, Embracing Authenticity

Are you tired of the constant pressure to drink and the lies society tells about alcohol? In this illuminating episode, speaker and author Duncan Brown shares a refreshingly honest perspective that challenges everything you thought you knew about drinking culture.

Drawing from his own journey and extensive research, Duncan unveils the hidden marketing tactics that have conditioned us to believe alcohol is essential for success, masculinity, and living a fulfilling life. You’ll gain a fresh outlook on why traditional recovery methods often fall short and how to cultivate a healthier relationship with alcohol on your own terms.

Here are 5 key insights you can expect:
– Understand the cognitive dissonance that fuels our justifications for drinking and keeps us trapped in unhealthy patterns.
– Discover practical strategies to rewire your beliefs about alcohol and break free from societal conditioning.
– Learn the tactical change system – a simple yet powerful framework for disrupting drinking triggers and celebrating sobriety wins.
– Gain wisdom on embracing your inherent worth and living an authentic, alcohol-free life without feeling deprived.
– Explore the transformative power of questioning assumptions and aligning your actions with your true values and aspirations.
Whether you’re considering reducing your alcohol intake or seeking a fresh perspective on sobriety, this episode offers a thought-provoking roadmap to reclaiming control and living life on your own terms, free from the lies and pressures surrounding drinking culture.

— Chapters –
00:00:02 The Deception of Alcohol Industry
00:02:02 Self-Worth and Potential
00:03:22 Introduction to Fallible Man Podcast
00:03:36 Get to Know Duncan
00:23:12 Praise for Duncan’s Book Writing
00:27:41 Inspiration Behind Writing ‘Real Men Quit’
00:29:43 The Gender Disparity in Alcohol Consumption
00:39:35 The Influence of Alcohol Advertising on Television
00:45:19 The Association Between Alcohol and Masculinity
00:46:12 Book Discussion: Real Men Quit
00:52:06 Challenging Assumptions Around Alcohol
00:55:28 The Tactical Change System
01:05:51 Shifting from ‘I Can Do Everything’ to Seeking Help
01:08:34 Incorporating Alcohol Awareness in Wellbeing Programs
01:09:17 The Importance of Enjoying Work
01:10:41 Accessing Free Book and Resources


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S05E55 of The Fallible Man Podcast
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David Dowlen Relationship and Personal Development Coach

My name is Brent and I am an entrepreneur mostly known for being a Men’s Relationship & Personal Development Coach, the Host of The Fallible Man Podcast, a Speaker, Personal Trainer and an Event Coordinator.

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