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Embracing Life Beyond Infertility with Charlie Dice

  1. Embracing Life Beyond Infertility with Charlie Dice The F.E.E.L Podcast 1:04:17

Charlie and her husband suffered from infertility without success for eight years. Throughout their struggle, Charlie felt isolated, outcast, and misunderstood.  After they made the decision to end their fertility journey, Charlie searched for people and resources who could help her navigate life after an unsuccessful path to parenthood…only to find crickets.

For this reason, Charlie started the “Life Beyond Infertility Podcast”,  to help those struggling to figure out where life goes outside of trying to conceive (TTC). Diving into issues such as, ”how do I find joy and purpose again?” to ”how do I not get upset when someone tells me they’re pregnant?” It’s the stuff NO ONE is talking about but should! Interviews, monologues and rants with industry leaders, and real-life stories from women, including Charlie herself. Infertility sucks. Life with it doesn’t have to.

She also, as a hobby, along with her cousin, hosts the “Romantasy Reads Podcast” for all of you Romantasy book fans out there.  Two cousins, Charlie and Melina, chat your favorite fantasy romance.

Ways to Engage: We want to invite everyone to share their stories of infertility, difficulty getting pregnant, or any thoughts you may have on the subject in a safe community space. The more we talk about it, the more awareness and education we can share with the world. It’s okay if you aren’t able to share your story right—there is still an endless amount of support in your corner.


Prioritizing Self Care – ( 3:56 )

Confidently Setting Boundaries – ( 10:46 )

Taking Care of Your Emotional Health as much as Your Physical Health – ( 6:49 )

Support self & other women unapologetically – ( 22:19 )

Coming Back to Your WHY and Your VALUES – ( 28:20 )

Living Out of Your Own Expectations – ( 28:26 )

Accepting the Layered Aspects of Yourself – ( 51:01 )

Living out FEEL, how does it affect your relationships – ( 55:42 )

5 Activities That Nourish You – ( 58:50 )

5 Words for How You Want to Feel in the Next Six Months – ( 59:07 )

Original Music by Rio & Valencia Saint-Louis

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Melissa Crook Founder & Host of The F.E.E.L Podcast

Melissa Crook is a woman in her 50’s who currently lives in Fresno, CA with the great love of her life, best friend, spouse, and father of their 3 daughters, Brady Crook. Melissa loves travel, the ocean, sunsets, mountains, and is a huge sports fan. She’s passionate, driven, loyal, fierce, and brave. She believes in justice, mercy, equality, and empathy for ALL, and is especially driven to help women live their best, healthiest lives.

Melissa is available to speak to your group about the importance of women understanding their value and worthiness when it comes to prioritizing their self-care and overall health. To schedule a collaboration with Melissa, fill out our contact form here:

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