1. Live life inspired with guest Chantelle Friedman Rebekah Scott 31:33

On this episode, I visit with co-founder Chantelle Friedman about her non-profit organization called Live Inspired 365 and how they are providing hope and help for mental health awareness. Listen in as she shares her heart and mission to help those that need to know they are not alone! 

Chantelle started Live Inspired 365 after losing her Dad to suicide. Her first project was to sell stickers and she used the money she raised to purchase journals for patients in the Behavioral Health Hospital. With the help of her friend Michelle, they have supported and encouraged thousands with their donations & projects, all while sparking meaningful conversations about the importance of mental health.

If you or someone you you love is struggling, please get help! You can call or text “988” to chat with compassionate, accessible care and support for anyone experiencing mental health-related distress, suicide crisis or substance abuse.

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After customers and other moms kept asking “How do you do it?” –Rebekah wanted to show them the way to run both work and home life well and WITH joy. She created “The Encourager’ podcast and Encourager academy as tools to use for each individual seeking a more harmonious mix of both work and home life. Using several different systems catered to each individual’s unique family make up- you are able to go from overwhelmed and chaotic to decisive and confident.