Dare To Be Youth is a movement dedicated to empowering high school students and young adults (14-24) in the Halton and Hamilton Regions, Canada, and beyond. Their model and ideals can and should be replicated everywhere.

DTBY believes in the power of community as a key component to thriving and wellness.

Through innovative core programs DTBY inspires, mentors, and builds the capacity of tomorrow’s leaders.

In 2021, DTBY launched a suite of impactful programs to empower and support young people as they begin to transition from high school to post secondary.

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As an author, philanthropist, speaker, and mentor, my passion is leading and empowering others to grow both personally and professionally.

My core belief is that “success is not a skill, it is a persistent attitude”.

As a passionate leader, it is most important for me to lead and empower others to grow through my own actions and words.

While I continue to create the best version of myself, I’m committed to empowering others to grow from where they are to where they want to be – one day, and one step at a time.

This philosophy is the root of the Dare To Be Youth Charity, an organization which I founded as a passion project in 2012 to impact my community in a positive way.

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