1. Connect with the Top 1% in Podcasting with Travis Chappell Travis Chappell 39:20

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How to connect with the top one percenters in the world, so if you're wondering, you know I got a podcast. How do I connect with these awesome guests? Do you know if I've got a business on how to connect with these top dogs out there in the marketplace? This episode will be right up your alley; you will be excited for this one. Because today, we have Travis Chappelle on the show, and he is all about that. He is had, you know, gas. He's connected with people like Grant Cardone, John Maxwell, Molly bloom, Trent Shelton, and much more. I think he's been linked to John Lee Dumas and so many great people he's been able to communicate with, and he shares his strategy on how to do that. And that's what we're going to dive into today.

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