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This week on The DEB ShowI, host Debra Eckerling discusses Journaling with Jen Jones Donatelli, Creative Groove; Lynda Monk, director of the International Association for Journal Writing; and cartoonist Chari Pere. There are plenty of benefits to Journaling from Self-Care and emotional wellbeing to problem solving and productivity. 

The panel shared their early Journaling experiences, as well as thoughts on the value of a regular practice, options for Journaling, and so much more.

The Benefits of Journaling

– Lynda: Journaling helps you to know – and craft – who you truly are. It’s one thing to think our thoughts, it’s another to write them down. Plus, knowing yourself improves you relationships with others

– Jen: It gives you a reason to carve out time for yourself every day

– Chari: You get to say things to yourself that you wouldn’t necessarily say out loud

– Jen: Journaling also helps you track synchronicity

– Lynda: Manifestation happens when you think about what you want, write it down, and speak it

Journaling Prompts

– Lynda: Use visuals, quotes, and questions to inspire you

– Chari: Write your future in the present tense

– Jen: Highlight Self-Care in morning mojo sessions; ask what your body, mind, and spirit are trying to tell you on this day


– Chari: Pick one thing to write about: gratitude, a good deed, etc. Then, put a doodle next to it. The doodle should add to what you are writing

– Jen: Find ways to make your Journaling routine really juicy: find your ideal spot, snack, or practice to make the entire experience enticing

– Lynda: Join a Journaling community

Final Thoughts

– Jen: Give yourself some grace around your Journaling practice

– Cheri: Start by writing in 15 minutes sessions

– Lynda: Write about your thoughts and feelings, not just what you see and experience

Learn More:

Jen Jones Donatelli: CreativeGroove.com

Lynda Monk: LyndaMonk.com, IAJW.orh/journalwriting

Chari Pere: ChariPere.com

Debra Eckerling: TheDEBMethod.com

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