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Our conversation with Curt and Cindy Liljedahl

This week’s conversation is with a very cool couple. Curt and Cindy join us to talk about the importance of adventures as part of our retired lives. We hear a great story about their experience of becoming grandparents. Curt does his best to embarrass Cindy with his story, which any good husband does.

It is great learning about how Curt and Cindy experienced adventures while growing up before they had children (BC) and now that they are retired. We talk about how Cindy’s grandparents would take her, her siblings, and cousins and travel to the Ozarks camping. Curt’s grandparents bought a family-owned resort in Minnesota where family members would come and go all summer long.

Curt and Cindy have a great podcast, AdventuRetired, where they interview people about their adventures in Retirement. Cindy and Curt shared an important point that adventures don’t have to start as treks along the Pacific Crest Trail. Adventures can be smaller, especially if you are starting to ramp things up. A great adventure could be going to your local state or National Park and car camping. Another example they provided is that you could go in with family members and rent or buy box seats at a sporting event and let everyone enjoy time in a city, taking in a ball game and exploring the city with the family.

Whatever you decide to do with you, your spouse, or your family, the mindset of making an activity an adventure can add to the experience. Certainly, using the vocabulary of an adventure will leave a lasting impression on the grandchildren. It is those memories of experiences with Grandma and Grandpa that will last longer than any toy that they receive.

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