1. EP - 135 The Call to Adventure Greg Payne 47:27

Everyone needs to have a goal—something to work towards or work through. Tina Sibley joins us today to talk about how we can infuse a spirit of adventure into our personal and professional lives. You will enjoy how Tina planned and then participated in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro twice in one calendar year. She brings that enthusiasm for life into her successful Coaching practice and the lives of the people she meets.

We jump into this conversation and learn that Tina wasn’t always adventurous. Like many of us, she was labeled in school as not being ‘sporty’ and not the kind of person people would expect to take off on her adventures. Well, they were wrong. Tina has moved to the South of Spain (near Gilbrater) and is exploring the world. These expeditions are sometimes with friends and sometimes solo adventures.

Tina and I agree that grandparents and people in general need to have goals and adventures. These goals could be professional or personal. Sometimes having the goal of leading your department one day is a challenge that will take you through certifications, the politics of the office, and preparing yourself to be ready when a promotion is available.

Other times, we need to get out of our comfort zones for personal reasons. We may need to rediscover our sense of adventure. These adventures could be large or small. As grandparents, we can help create great connections with our grandchildren and families by creating adventures that they can enjoy with us.

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