1. EP - 134 Supporting a Grandchild Through Trying Times Greg Payne 38:39

Joe Cochran joins us to discuss his experience supporting his grandson and his family through a very trying time. We learn about Joe, his pediatric dentist background and his life in Oregon raising three wonderful daughters.

Recently one of his grandsons, Theo, was diagnosed with Leukemia. As you can imagine, that diagnosis was like a punch in the gut. With his pediatric dentist experience, Joe had suspicions about what was going on with Theo. When those suspicions were confirmed, it was time to rally around Theo, his siblings, and his parents.

You will be inspired by how this very cool grandpa was able to support the family and made sure that Theo’s siblings didn’t get lost in the shuffle of treatments, doctor’s visits, and the general scary situation. Joes shares how he continued to exercise his faith and ensured they all felt loved and supported.

This important conversation highlights how grandfathers can be leaders and caregivers. Once you have listened to this conversation, please be sure to share it with three other friends who would enjoy it.


Click HERE to visit Theo’s treatment webpage. You will enjoy learning more about Theo and his challenges and enjoy his infectious smile. (https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/theokurvers)

If you would like to support Theo and his parents, click HERE to visit the GoFundMe page for Theo.

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