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This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author, Clinical Counselor, Counseling Supervisor, and Spiritual & Life Coach, Janine Miller-DeLany.

Janine has been practicing as a Clinical Counselor, Counseling Supervisor, and Spiritual & Life Coach for the past 30 years. All the while, she has been coming into her own inner spiritual awakening. Janine has a passion for integrating spiritual lessons and concepts with emotional healing journeys.

She has also been a student of A Course in Miracles for about 20 years. Janine has received undergraduate degrees in Religion/Philosophy, International Studies, and German and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling.

In January of 2019. Messages from Love Itself began coming to Janine as she was faced with and surrendered to various health issues and a victim state of mind. That began a new journey of awakening for Janine that led her to put the writings and lessons they contained in her upcoming book, Your Indelible Worth.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam discusses two new shows. Sam starts off with quotes of the day. Embody the very aspects you want to attract. Abraham’s quote says we should embody qualities we want because momentum will naturally carry us through to that direction. Life is not a linear progression, yet if we can keep in mind what energies we want to feel and see around us, the momentum will carry us forward and help us. Sam welcomes guest Janine Miller-DeLany. She has a passion for integrating spiritual lessons and concepts with emotional healing journeys. Janine talks about her mystical experiences, but there is a certain degree of denial that we deal with so we do not accept the reality of what we are experiencing. As she became an adult, she was diagnosed with cancer right out of college. After the break, Sam will discuss with Janine why she decided to become a therapist.

Segment 2

Janine is working on releasing her book, Your Indelible Worth, soon. Janine decided to become a therapist because she enjoys the one-on-one interactions and likes helping people put the pieces of their life together. Her first counseling opportunity came with hospice work. Janine discusses working through her traumas and her own life stuff. Love itself speaks to her. She has had a handful of mystical experiences, some visions with a concrete voice speaking as a directive. A few her ego mind cannot get her to disregard it. When she sat with the willingness and openness to listen to that voice. In the beginning she felt that the voice was responding to the direct issues that were happening in her life. What has transpired over time is a feeling of knowing. Sam asks what message came through that made her realize she was willing to listen to the voice. 

Segment 3

Janine discusses her excitement about her upcoming book. She is trying to integrate and live out her lessons. She is worthy of the union, which is how she ended up with the title Indelible Worth. During the process, she realized she is worried about her union and peace. She does not need to be addicted to suffering. You cannot teach worthiness. We don’t realize that we are living in the fight or flight, and we need to just breathe. Come back to being present. When she trusts and surrenders, she is led to where she needs to go. www.TheHeartsWay.org is Janine’s new website. Once back from break, Sam and Janine will discuss more about the book

Segment 4

Janine talks about her introverted experiences. Janine discusses her difficulty with publishers and whether to self-publish or go with a large publisher. Janine’s next book will be about learning to accept and claim the life you live. We need to turn inward and forgive ourselves so we can forgive each other. Janine is more hopeful from a whole new perspective. 

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