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This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Psychologist and author, Serge Kahili King, PhD.

Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. has his doctorate in psychology and is well-known for his many books, videos and articles on Hawaiian culture, shamanism and healing, which include Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living, Urban Shaman, Instant Healing, and his newest release, Dreaming Techniques.

He has recorded over 5000 of his own dreams, worked with the dreams of clients at his own hypnotherapy clinic for ten years, has taught about dreams and dreaming in classes and workshops for over 40 years, and has studied the beliefs and practices of dreams and dreaming from many different countries and cultures around the world.

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Show Notes

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Sam starts with a quote from his book Everyday Awakening. Today’s section is called, “Our Physical and Emotional Health are Interdependent.” This section explored the impact that your emotional health can have on the body and the importance of finding a safe space to express yourself. He welcomes his guest Serge Kahili King, a psychologist who has studied dreams and taught people about his findings for over 40 years. From a young age, Serge has had an affinity for the indigenous cultures of Hawaii because his father was adopted by a family from that culture. He practiced Hula dancing and playing the ukulele. After seven years spent in Africa doing community development, Serge returned to the states with his family and decided to pursue his PHD in Psychology. 

Segment 2

Serge talks about shamanism and the way that it is misunderstood by people in western cultures. When Serge decided that he wanted to bring the knowledge of shamanism to the cities, he realized that shamans across cultures decided to do the same. In his book Serge discusses night dreams, daydreams and liminal dreams. Liminal means, the things that happen that shouldn’t. He gives an example of a liminal dream experience. Serge realized that most books about dreams were about interpretation and there was a lot left out. He decided to write a book and fill the large gap that he noticed in information. 

Segment 3

The Huna believe that dreams are memories of the ancestors or information from them that can help in life. There is a strong connection between dreams and waking life. In order to remember your dreams, Serge recommends that you write them down. There are other ways to help your ability to recall, like the affirmation to remember, relaxing when you wake up and returning to the position you woke up in, eating cheese, and some even believe that having a crystal under your pillow will help. Serge has divided lucid dreams into four types; one where you know who you are, you consciously make a change, recognition that it is a dream. According to a study that serge cited, people who play video games experience lucid dreams often. He attributes this to the fact that they are practicing control of a virtual world in a way that is parallel to lucid dreams. 

Segment 4

Lucid dreaming requires a lot of practice. Once you are able to control your dreams, you develop the tools to exercise influence in your waking life. This is only possible if you continue to process as you awaken. With his book Serge hopes to help people by providing techniques to improve, expand and change their life. To learn more about Serge Kahili King and the power of dreams, visit www.huna.org. On his site, there are nineteen books available for purchase.

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