1. Personal Freedom Vs. Community Responsibility Sam Liebowitz 1:02:36

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, It’s just you and Sam!

Bring your comments, your questions, and anything on your mind as Sam talks about why he got his shot this week, and why it is important to look at both sides of the discussion about Vaccines.

This is not a show to convince you of anything, but rather an opportunity to look at this situation from a higher perspective and from a different point of view.

Let’s have a robust conversation together, and express your view of this ongoing debate!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam starts with a quote from his book Everyday Awakening. Today’s section is called, “strength does not come from force, it comes from being vulnerable.” Sam shared his experience being bullied in his youth and how it had affected his self esteem. Through these experiences he now understands that people will often project false strength in order to prop up a weak ego. Sam believes that you must use your strength to uplift others and help them find their own strength. The ability to be vulnerable and ask for support is strength. Thought leaders often talk about authenticity and being strong enough to share your pain with others. That is real strength.

Segment 2

The reception of the Covid Vaccine has been incredibly divisive. Some have even seen it as an assault on their personal freedom. Sam questions whether or not this is a mindset specific to America and compares the mindset of eastern nations. He understands that the statistics can look a certain way but this is not a matter to be for or against. It is important to be critical and do what makes sense in the moment.

Segment 3

Sam explains why he has gotten his first shot. It is because of the science, seeing what has happened in communities that don’t have access to the vaccine, and because he does not want to transmit the virus to the people he loves. When the vaccine came out, he talked to people that he trusted about the vaccine and his options. Sam is aware that when new tech comes out there will be bugs, it is for that reason that he chose to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. When making the decision to not take the vaccine, Sam wants you to think about whether or not your choice is a heart centered choice or a push back. Sam does not view the choice to take the vaccine as an attack on personal freedom because it is not being forced on the public and you are not losing freedoms when helping the community at large.

Segment 4

The perspective about community responsibility is not just about vaccines, it’s about how we show up in the world in general. Sam ties this to climate change. Regardless of your stance on climate change, the things that scientists encourage us to do should be done regardless. Recycling and reducing carbon emissions benefit us regardless. We have a responsibility to life in general. Sam believes that this is more significant than being right or wrong about the issues. Sam then talks about the difference in vaccination when he was a kid compared to the way children are vaccinated.

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