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This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam is joined by Author Hans Wilhelm. 

Hans is the author and illustrator of over 200 books for all ages – including some together with Byron Katie. His books have sold over 40 million copies and are translated into 30 languages.

As a mystic Hans has recently created over 100 short YouTube videos in which he visually explains the spiritual laws of the universe. In these videos you can watch him drawing the dynamics of these laws and see how all the dots connect. This unique visual presentation has made his videos so successful that they have been watched by over 14 million viewers.

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Segment 1

Sam reads a passage from his book Everyday Awakenings, “Being Triggered.”  He discusses how when we are annoyed by certain behaviors in others, we are actually triggering an unconscious criticism of ourselves.  He shares what his triggers are and how self-compassion can help mitigate them.  Sam gives a homework assignment for listeners this week to deal with these triggers.  Sam welcomes his special guest, Hans Wilhelm, whose videos on the spiritual laws of the universe have been viewed by millions around the world.             

Segment 2

Hans tells Sam how he became interested in the spiritual laws of the universe.  From Transcendental Meditation to living in Africa, his journey has had many twists and turns.  Hans shares a poignant tale about his father’s death and subsequent transition to the afterlife, which influenced him to create his YouTube channel.  Hans shares a funny story about his first experience with Transcendental Meditation.  Sam asks Hans whether any of the spiritual concepts he learned about were difficult to accept, and what the biggest changes have been during his spiritual journey.  Sam and Hans discuss loneliness, and how an inner connection to a higher power can transcend it.  Sam asks Hans what Karma means to him, and what he does in life to improve it.                      

Segment 3

Sam and Hans discuss the concept of Reincarnation.  Why is it so difficult for people to believe in it and to understand it?  Hans discusses how the Christian church suppressed Reincarnation and how that suppression has reverberated through time.  He then describes how Earth is a vessel for souls of all types, as opposed to other areas of the universe where only similar souls coexist.  He shares the importance of turning to spirituality to undo our karmic burdens.  Sam lets our Christian friends know that there may be evidence of reincarnation in early Christian texts.             

Segment 4

Sam asks Hans why his books are purely instructional, compared with his videos which are more joyful and moralizing.  Hans shares why he thinks his YouTube videos have become so popular (14 million views and counting).  Sam then pivots to the division and hardships being experienced by many people today, and asks Hans what he believes are the most effective tools people can use to help themselves.  Hans shares multiple methods, whether establishing a firmer inner connection to divinity, accepting the mantra “this too shall pass,” and others.  Sam and Hans share how it’s a privilege to be a spirit entering the physical world, which runs counter to people who turn to spirituality as a means to escape it.

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Sam Liebowitz The Conscious Consultant

Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant, is a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, serial entrepreneur, host of the top rated radio show, The Conscious Consultant Hour, and author of the #1 best-selling empowerment book, Everyday Awakening. He has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. His current ventures include Talking Alternative Broadcasting, and Double Diamond Wellness in Manhattan. Sam has lectured in several venues in New York City, including being a featured speaker at TEDxUpperWestSide in 2016.