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True Wealth: More Than The Money with Therese Nicklas

  1. True Wealth: More Than The Money with Therese Nicklas Boom With A Bang! 59:26

Therese Nicklas is a Financial Planner, a Certified Money Coach and she describes “True Wealth” as, money, yes, but also what money can’t buy – purpose, passion, unlimited possibilities.

In this episode, Terri explains:

  • The two events that focused her mission to make sure women were financially literate
  • Why money such an emotional topic
  • Why it remains a taboo subject
  • Living life by design, not default
  • Money mindset: when does it hinder, when is it healthy
  • 3 things we can do today to help break a bad money habit
  • The 3 Cs of financial freedom

Stay tuned to the end as Terri offers listeners a free financial freedom toolkit.

Find Terri at:

Learn more about Terri and find all her links at:

Access Terri’s Financial Freedom Toolkit:


I’ve probably done most of the things you expect a woman my age to have done: married and divorced; three children; variety of jobs over the years including a couple of home-based businesses and, finally, a pretty good career; gave up that career (and home and life) to move and take care of a dementing mother; adult daughter moved back home with a baby; financial struggles; sucker-punched by the post-2007 economy. You tell a similar story.

My podcast is for Boomer Women. A variety of subjects, a variety of viewpoints... and open to suggestions if I'm not covering a topic you want to hear about.

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