1. Episode 54: ⁠Moshe Goldstein⁠ & his book, STARTERMINDSET John M Jaramillo 41:56

The Book Leads – Episode 54: Moshe Goldstein & his book, STARTERMINDSET

In STARTERMINDSET, Moshe interviews fourteen young (17-25 year old) professionals, each coming from unique and diverse backgrounds, who tell their stories and share their motivations to succeed. These stories range across all industries showing that, with the right mindset and motivation, prosperity is within reach. In this book you will discover where to go with your concept and the steps needed to create a lifelong career.

Moshe has a background that spans work as a high school teacher and studies in computer science, mathematics, cybersecurity, patent prosecution, and Talmudic law. With that connection of teaching young students and his own experience across so many fields, Moshe became curious about how it is young people can tap into their best skills and abilities to achieve groundbreaking work in their fields.

My curiosity on learning and development in youth has led many of podcast episodes to become two-pronged – one to glean knowledge from my guests for professionals while a second is to ask, from time to time, how we can provide those tools for younger generations. It’s not that we need to make things easy and safe for them. But if we can provide them tools early, we can empower them sooner to begin making a difference through their own ability and passions

Episode Highlights

  • Appreciating and tapping into one’s own unique vision and way of thinking.
  • The Starter Mindset can exist in any field and industry.
  • The power of people sharing their knowledge and paying it forward.

The MAIN QUESTION underlying my conversation with Moshe is, Regardless of age, what ideas have you had for the world, and how have you gone about executing on them?

Moshe’s Bio

Moshe Goldstein is a high school teacher and has studied computer science, mathematics, cybersecurity, patent prosecution, and Talmudic law. He also is a
community service volunteer with Kids of Courage (K.O.C.) and is an emergency medical technician…so he’s always seeking to help others while expanding his own knowledge. Moshe recognized the lack of advice for young people getting their footing in the “real world;” making it his goal to encourage the next
generation to forge their own path. Drawing from his own experience, his debut book STARTERMINDSET, sets out to inspire people to get started and find their passion. Instead of settling for good enough, Moshe strives to draw out the very best in himself and those around him.

Learn more about Moshe

  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moshe-goldstein/
  • Twitter: @startermindset
  • Instagram: startermindset1
  • Website: startermindset.com

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