1. Episode 52: Chris Felton & Think & Grow You: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Level Up Your Life John M Jaramillo 1:04:05

The Book Leads – Episode 52: Chris Felton & Think & Grow You: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Level Up Your Life

I recently sat down with Amazon bestselling author, 7-figure entrepreneur, and speaker Chris Felton to cover his book.

Like so many authors I’ve interviewed, Chris’s story is rooted in the life challenges he overcame himself. At the brink of financial ruin, he turned it around with the help of his wife. They did the work, got things done, and want to help others through their story, which they infused into a book. The book we cover in this episode is Chris’s own.

As Chris shares – and I’m sure you can attest to it — people get stuck and they stay stuck. Chris wants to help 10’s of millions get unstuck and get back on the path of life they deserve. That’s what his purpose is in everything he does.

I enjoyed Chris’s honesty and no-punches-pulled style of expression. You can hear the urgency in his voice for others, and he’s full of perfect sound bites of one-liners.

He calls himself both a miracle and a mess. Aren’t we all, though? We all have our “stuff,” bullshit we’re going through in our lives of every look, size, and feel. It’s how we deal with and navigate through it that establishes the measure of our character, humanity, and Resilience. I hope it gets you as fired up as it got me.

Some Episode Highlights

  • Chris shares he quite living in Hopium — Hoping the outside world changes while he fiercely insisted on staying the same
  • Chris admits he wanted to avoid the prices others had to pay for him wanting to stay a “dumbass.”
  • How always not making time for others and responding “I’m busy” can send out a signal that you can’t handle the blessings coming your way.
  • He recommends, whether you’re an author or not, that you write your personal history to understand yourself more fully and deeply.

The MAIN QUESTION underlying my conversation with Chris is, Do you understand what the difference is between interest and commitment when it comes to changing your ways?

Chris’s Bio

Chris Felton is an Amazon bestselling author, 7-figure entrepreneur, and owner of a financial services firm which he started in 1999.Chris leads and trains 200 agents across the US as they have helped over 17,000 clients, and he’s achieved Top 1% status in a company of 60,000+ agents. He’s been featured in US News & World Report, Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, and Nasdaq to name a few. As an international speaker and bestselling author, Chris is committed to sharing his story and lessons learned from being on the brink of financial ruin and divorce to building one of the most successful financial services firms in the country. He speaks on stages to audiences of over 20,000 and appears on top podcasts, such as the Ed Mylett show, reaching millions of listeners around the world.

Learn more about Chris: https://chrisfelton.me/ 

Watch the episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtNpTQTFjuN6Tjs52JB7zUQ

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