1. Episode 51: ⁠Matt Thieleman⁠ & his book, This Is Coaching: How to Transform a Client’s Performance, Life, and Business as a Master Coach & Warrior of Love John M Jaramillo 1:00:15

The Book Leads – Episode 51: ⁠Matt Thieleman⁠ & his book, This Is Coaching: How to Transform a Client’s Performance, Life, and Business as a Master Coach & Warrior of Love

My discussion with Matt is yet another open and vulnerable conversation in which we cover my guest’s life and path that led to their work today. Specifically for Matt, that means helping clients today “who are missing something and don’t quite know what it is.”

The conversation covers so many areas – childhood trauma, how we can be drawn toward chaos, and the power of healing in both living our best life and doing the best work we can.

Drawing from the career lessons and experience of his own journey as a human and his own work as a coach, Matt has published This Is Coaching to provide more insight into what Coaching can become.

Episode Highlights

  • Marketing’s applicability to leadership
  • A question that has driven Matt throughout his work and career: How do I put myself in another person’s perspective and get curious about what would actually be useful for them?
  • Why looking back at our childhood can feel “icky.”
  • Growing as a leader means to be able to grow our capacity to play on the full spectrum of life, however that looks.
  • How fear shows up whenever possibility shows up

The MAIN QUESTION underlying my conversation with Matt is, How do you step into what it is you need to do to get to where you want to go and who you want to be?

Matt’s Bio

Matt works with leaders and change-makers to help them live into their purpose more fully and bring their masterpieces to the world. He educates and trains coaches to be world-class in their field and help their clients reach their full potential . Prior to becoming a coach, Matt was in the marketing world, working with clients in practically every industry imaginable., having worked with companies such as Michigan Ross School of Business, Gannett, Parthenon Publishing , and others, Through that work, Matt had a good look at how well-intentioned leadership not getting out of their own way was causing businesses harm. Matt has been a leadership coach since 2016 and spent 2021 as CEO of Pilea, a Coaching organization for venture-backed founders. After a year of intense growth and hard work, Matt turned his focus back to Coaching and other soul-work he’s called to bring to the world. It’s simply a continuation of a lifelong mission to heal himself, help others heal, and lead others with authenticity. Matt is the founder of Golden Bristle, a TEDx Speaker on Mindful Leadership, “Why The World Needs Mindful Leaders,” and Co-Sensei of Samurai Coaching Dojo

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John M. Jaramillo Leadership Performance Coach

John M. Jaramillo is founder and leadership performance coach and consultant at Coach It Out, LLC.

In that capacity he helps clients throughout the organizational hierarchy break through to their next level of leadership performance and effectiveness. Clients realize just how much more of their abilities, experiences, and goals they can bring to the table. His professional experience in the public and private, profit and non-profit sectors allows him to transfer lessons across business industries, organizational structures, and leadership needs.

In addition to coaching, he enjoys writing, presenting and speaking on leadership branding and design as well as hosting two podcasts -- The Book Leads: Impactful Books For Life & Leadership and Mindset Talks: Life Beyond The Checkboxes.