1. Episode 38: Jill Siegel & Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience John M Jaramillo 1:16:43

The Book Leads – Episode 38: Jill Siegel & Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience

It’s fitting that Jill selected Atlas as the book she wanted to discuss. The subtitle of the book seems to perfectly describe the journey she’s undertaken since having left the corporate world to focus full-time on the desire to do good for others in her community and beyond. In this walk through her career, there are many points where she’s reborn, each time gaining insight into her next focus, including how her need for Self-Care lead to her study of mindfulness.

I met Jill during our work with the American Marketing Association – CT Chapter board. Like so many others, she’s a great connection I made during the pandemic – a connection I haven’t met in person.

Some highlights from the episode:

· Jill’s work ethic is on display, mixing up a career in corporate life and being a stay-at-home mom with volunteering duties in various industries.

· She breaks down the experiences that lead her to do what she felt good about, where she felt “This is making a difference in the world.”

· The area of her life that she explains by saying, “Sometimes it is nature. Sometimes it is nurture.”

· How any emotion can be both healthy and unhealthy.

Mentioned or Applicable Books and Stories:

· The Parable of the Trapeze by Danaan Parry

· The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at Itby Kelly McGonigal

· Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole by Susan Cain

Bio: Jill is a branding strategist and marketing professional with 25+ years of experience in industries including advertising, hospitality, healthcare, media, nonprofit, publishing and law. She has worked in collaboration with key members of leadership teams and executive committees to develop and foster new strategic relationships and revenue streams for both public and private organizations. She has managed and cultivated hundreds of high profile client accounts, projects and events and has been recognized for launching notable strategic programs to optimize ROI, client experience and market engagement. Today, Jill focuses her work in environments where giving back is the driving force. She is Managing Director of the Connecticut Women’s Council, a Branding Strategist at J.Lauren Consulting, and a Cause Entrepreneur at One Hope Wine, an award-winning Napa Valley winery that gives back with every bottle. She’s is currently enrolled in Copper Beech Institute’s Mindfulness Facilitation Certification Cohort, and she will be certified as a Mindfulness Facilitator after she graduates this November. Jill is on the Development Committee for Mental Health Connecticut, she is certified in Mental Health First Aid, and after going through her own mental health crisis in 2016, she is an advocate for helping those dealing with a mental health challenge. Jill believes there is nothing more important than kindness and that we rise by lifting others. She is a mom to two daughters (age 24 and 21) and considers motherhood and her girls her greatest gift and life accomplishment.

John M. Jaramillo Leadership Performance Coach

John M. Jaramillo is founder and leadership performance coach and consultant at Coach It Out, LLC.

In that capacity he helps clients throughout the organizational hierarchy break through to their next level of leadership performance and effectiveness. Clients realize just how much more of their abilities, experiences, and goals they can bring to the table. His professional experience in the public and private, profit and non-profit sectors allows him to transfer lessons across business industries, organizational structures, and leadership needs.

In addition to coaching, he enjoys writing, presenting and speaking on leadership branding and design as well as hosting two podcasts -- The Book Leads: Impactful Books For Life & Leadership and Mindset Talks: Life Beyond The Checkboxes.