1. Episode 21: Darrin Tulley & Live Your Possible: Ignite Your Happy, Authentic Self and Live a Fulfilling Life Rooted in Joy, Inclusion, Love and Possibilities! John M Jaramillo 1:28:41

For this episode, Darrin walks me through happiness, joy, wonder, and possibilities — all sensations we seem to have lost as adults.

The foundation of his message and book is his own realization that he was “upside-down,” giving more priority as an executive to the numbers and performance of the business than the people and humanity behind it.

As much as it’s been the case with episodes of The Book Leads so far, this conversation is timely, chock full of reminders we should all heed so that we can find ourselves again. Specifically, in this episode, it’s about regaining a true sense of happiness, similar to that of when we were children. He believes there’s no reason we can’t carry out the responsibilities of adulting without maintaining our inner child’s sense of possibilities.

Some highlights from this episode:

— Everything we do is connected (as also mentioned in my last episode w/Mboone Umbima).

— The more we know to look for and practice them, the more we can find moments of joy and happiness.

— Darrin and I agree whole-heartedly about what has been programmed out of us as adults.

The MAIN QUESTION that underlies my conversation with Darrin is, Are you working toward living what’s possible, reaching a full life by keeping an eye out for joy and happiness?

Darrin’s Bio: Darrin is the Founder and Chief of Possibilities @ Ignite Happy. He is also an author, executive coach, board advisor, keynote speaker, and leader of experiential learning workshops for his original platform, Live Your Possible. A Business Executive with 30+ years of leadership and Coaching experience in Corporate America, Darrin is known for activating business units into lean, top-producing, innovative and joyful workplaces by building and leading high-performing teams with a unique, rare blend of pragmatic, data-informed, and empathic servant-leadership style. Darrin believes there is a light inside each of us ready to “POP” with joy and possibilities. Darrin strives to help both individuals and businesses feel the power of possibilities. When we shine and live out our true potential, we help others beam too. As your tour guide, Darrin shares vulnerable stories and relatable real-life examples to inspire you to take purposeful pauses and intentionally activate steps in your daily routine where you will embrace and explore the multi-experiential journey ahead.

Learn more about Darrin’s work:

— Website: https://ignitehappy.com/

— Purchase the book: https://www.amazon.com/Live-Your-Possible-Fulfilling-Possibilities-ebook/dp/B09SRGH5RF/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Watch the episode on YouTube: https://lnkd.in/ey_KTZe

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John M. Jaramillo Leadership Performance Coach

John M. Jaramillo is founder and leadership performance coach and consultant at Coach It Out, LLC.

In that capacity he helps clients throughout the organizational hierarchy break through to their next level of leadership performance and effectiveness. Clients realize just how much more of their abilities, experiences, and goals they can bring to the table. His professional experience in the public and private, profit and non-profit sectors allows him to transfer lessons across business industries, organizational structures, and leadership needs.

In addition to coaching, he enjoys writing, presenting and speaking on leadership branding and design as well as hosting two podcasts -- The Book Leads: Impactful Books For Life & Leadership and Mindset Talks: Life Beyond The Checkboxes.