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Episode 102: Jenn T. Grace & Her Book, Publish Your Purpose: A Step-by-Step Guide to Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea

  1. Episode 102: Jenn T. Grace & Her Book, Publish Your Purpose: A Step-by-Step Guide to Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea John M Jaramillo 1:06:22

Episode 102: Jenn T. Grace & Her Book, Publish Your Purpose: A Step-by-Step Guide to Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea


An award-winning author, nationally recognized speaker, and savvy publishing strategist, Jenn is the founder of Publish Your Purpose, the acclaimed hybrid publishing company that gives first-time authors the secrets to getting their books written, finding an eager audience & marking their place in the publishing world. Publish Your Purpose is a certified B Corp social enterprise that meets the gold standard of socially and environmentally-friendly business practices.

Jenn leads ambitious authors through every aspect of writing, editing, and publishing so their book strategically aligns with their business objectives. Whether it’s a business guide that shows the breadth of their expertise or an emotional memoir that takes readers deep into life’s
challenges, she helps authors articulate their purpose and fulfill their mission. 

Jenn has published the books of almost 200 business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, and memoirists so more diverse stories can exist in the world and her authors can make a positive impact and achieve the recognition and success they deserve. she is the author of seven books, including, Publish Your Purpose: A Step-by-Step Guide to Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea. Jenn has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.


  • Getting your reader into your ecosystem.
  • Motivation is knowing your message is bigger than you.
  • The power of a zig-zaggy path in life, career, and
  • The temptations of (and the fault in) the shiny objects.
  • The defining characteristic of curiosity.
  • Leadership: Not a destination but a way of being.
  • The power of doing the work and showing
    your clients what’s possible.
  • Lovingly using the phrase “shit-show.”
  • Providing epiphanies and Ah-Ha moments to others.
  • The importance of your North Star.
  • Words of the Year: “Fuckery” & “Experiment.”

The MAIN QUESTION underlying my conversation with Jenn is, With regard to what you want to share with others, how are you sharing and infusing your story into the process to enhance the lessons?


LnkedIn – Full Podcast Article:–yyy9e/?trackingId=oL7AP2M2Tz%2BuSJDX1ye9OA%3D%3D


00:00 – The Book Leads – Jenn T. Grace

00:42 – Introduction & Bio

03:07 – Who are you today? Can you provide more information about your work?

05:33 – What kind of authors Jenn works with.

12:25 – How did your path into your career look like, and what did it look like up until now?

20:01 – How does the work you’re doing today reconcile to who you were as a child?

23:11 – What does leadership mean to you?

25:08 – A walkthrough of some of Jenn’s books, including her latest book.

29:23 – Can you provide a general overview of the book

35:52 – What fueled Jenn’s drive for storytelling?

43:52 – How Jenn enhanced her values and integrity, being selective in which authors she works with.

46:38 – A book that has inspired Jenn recently.

55:26 – What’s next for your writing?

01:02:59 – What are you up to these days? (A way for guests to share and market their projects and work.)

This series has become my Masterclass In Humanity. Check out why!

Learn more about The Book Leads and listen to past episodes:

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John M. Jaramillo Leadership Performance Coach

John M. Jaramillo is founder and leadership performance coach and consultant at Coach It Out, LLC.

In that capacity he helps clients throughout the organizational hierarchy break through to their next level of leadership performance and effectiveness. Clients realize just how much more of their abilities, experiences, and goals they can bring to the table. His professional experience in the public and private, profit and non-profit sectors allows him to transfer lessons across business industries, organizational structures, and leadership needs.

In addition to coaching, he enjoys writing, presenting and speaking on leadership branding and design as well as hosting two podcasts -- The Book Leads: Impactful Books For Life & Leadership and Mindset Talks: Life Beyond The Checkboxes.

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