1. Cannabis In Texas: Navigating The Challenges, Misconceptions, and Opportunities feat. Shayda Torabi with Restart CBD Beefy Marketing 1:26:44

Disclaimer: This episode contains discussions about drugs, specifically the use and sales of legal cannabinoids in Texas. We advise listeners to be cautious about listening around children, as the content may not be appropriate for young audiences. We do not endorse the use of illegal drugs, and any information provided is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Please use your own discretion when consuming this content.

In this episode, we discuss the cannabis industry and the challenges it faces in terms of media portrayal and political advocacy. Our guest is the president of the Texas Hemp Coalition and talks about their involvement in advocacy efforts at the state level and how they are working to shape the industry. We discuss the products Restart CBD sells, hemp-derived products for many consumption methods and for several different uses. The conversation delves into the educational aspect of cannabis use and how it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Overall, this episode sheds light on the cannabis industry and how Restart CBD is here to help reshape public perception of it.


00:06:55 The Challenge Of Finding An Entrepreneurial Passion, Fueled By Cannabis Use In Texas

00:08:37 Survivor Finds Relief In Cannabis For Chronic Pain

00:15:15 Misunderstanding And Misconceptions About Delta 8 And Delta 9, And The Decriminalization Of Marijuana.

00:18:50 The Importance Of Education On The Endocannabinoid System And The War On Drugs.

00:24:40 The Challenges Of Launching A CBD Business In Texas

00:26:32 Questions And Considerations For Legalizing Marijuana In Different States

00:31:26 The Politics Of Marijuana Legalization: Live And Let Live Mentality And Following The Money.

00:38:44 Navigating CBD In The Workplace And Politics

00:46:40 Clarifying The Difference Between Decriminalizing And Legalizing With Regards To CBD And THC Sales

00:55:51 Lawsuit Questions Legality Of Recent Regulations In Company Industry

01:03:29 Product Options For Online Ordering In The Cannabis Industry

01:08:22 Prioritizing Quality And Testing In CBD Products Selection

01:14:06 The Importance Of Understanding CBD Labels And Dosages For Effective Use

01:15:24 Cannabis Can Improve Health If Properly Used

01:25:58 Small Business Origins: Discussing CBD In Business And Encouraging Support For Restart CBD’s Mission In Texas


“Going back to my story as a consumer… Yeah, I want legalization, I want [to] be able to have access to this plant. Maybe I don’t agree with cannabis, but maybe I could find in my heart [that] it doesn’t bother me that you like it. So let me be supportive of it whether I actually consume or not.” – Shayda Torabi

“We want to make sure what we the bottle is what it says it is. And I always love to highlight [that] as much as I’m in business for you guys, I’m in business for myself and I’m the consumer first. So, I want to make sure that the products are good.” – Shayda Torabi

“I think we all want to feel better, [get] better sleep, better rest, less inflammation, just [a] better mood. And I do think cannabis can be a key to that if you know how to use it and you have education and can properly navigate around it with great resources and great products.” – Shayda Torabi

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