1. Brandma's Wisdom: Weaving Personal Identity into Branding featuring Phyllis Williams-Strawder with Brandma’s House Beefy Marketing 43:37

Guest Bio:

Phyllis is known as the Ghetto Country Brandmother®. She is an empathic bitch who nurtures solopreneur brandbabies who are self-aware and starting over so they scale with impact. She left her multi-million dollar bbq business because she doesn’t like to cook on purpose. Also, she wants to impact failure rate statics for independent businesses. She’s been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, has a degree in business, and holds certifications as a brand strategist, business coach and life coach.

In this episode, Phyllis shares her journey into entrepreneurship, starting from selling barbecue dinners out of her home to help fund her husband’s barbecue competitions, all the way to opening two restaurants together. After realizing the restaurant business wasn’t for her, Phyllis pivoted into business Coaching and branding. She discusses the importance of being true to yourself in business and “owning your ghetto country” – drawing on your own unique roots and experiences to shape your brand and connect with your ideal audience. Listen in to learn more about Phyllis’s branding philosophy and how she helps entrepreneurs develop strong, authentic personal brands that attract the right customers.


[00:01:40] Discussing Productivity Times and Schedules with Brandmother

[00:05:38] The Ghetto Country Brandmother’s Entrepreneurship Journey

[00:12:46] Unpacking the Unique Branding of Goat Man and Brandmother

[00:13:57] Creating a Unique Brand Identity in the Voiceover Industry

[00:19:28] Developing a Personal Brand with Brandmother

[00:24:19] Brandmother’s approach to personal branding for solopreneurs

[00:25:07] Brandmother on Scalability and Pursuing Impact Over Money

[00:29:02] A Candid Talk on Branding, Marketing, and Nurturing Small Businesses

[00:34:30] Unpacking Brand Strategy with Brandmother

[00:40:06] Brand Building with the Brandmother

[00:41:38] Small Business Origins Podcast discusses brand building with Brandmother


“I had to go back to how I was in the restaurant, and I didn’t know how people were going to take that because I don’t believe in the whole code switching of it all…I had to go back and own my ghetto country.” – Brandma

“When I stopped being ghetto country grandmother, I got to go back to being wife, mother, sister, and all the other things…It creates the boundaries.” – Brandma

“If you’re about chasing money, I don’t think I want to work with you. But the part is that, sweetie, I want you to make all the money.” – Brandma

“Your branding hasn’t moved into your marketing. Your marketing hasn’t moved into conversion. You’re broken along those lines.” – Brandma

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