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July 3rd, 2024 Mature Content

Ep. 60 Healing from Chronic Dieting and Emotional Eating with Tracy Desjardins

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  1. Ep. 60 Healing from Chronic Dieting and Emotional Eating with Tracy Desjardins Michele Simms 1:00:00

In this episode of ‘The Beauty In The Mess,’ Michele welcomes Tracy Desjardins, a coach who helps women heal from chronic dieting and emotional eating. Tracy shares her personal journey, starting from her early struggles with dieting and binge eating to her eventual aha moment in her late forties. She discusses the importance of telling one’s food story, mindfulness, discovering personal values, and building a balanced relationship with food. Tracy talks about her five-step healing pathway, the importance of rejecting diet mentality, and fostering self-acceptance and compassion. The episode delves into practical tips for managing cravings, food boundaries, and integrating joyful movement into daily life. Tracy also introduces her book ‘Diet Free Diva’ and various resources designed to help women build healthier relationships with food.


Tracy is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), a Mind Body Eating Coach (IPE), a Fitness Professional (ACE) and the international best-selling author of The Diet-Free Diva. Her focus for Coaching is dedicated to helping other women find freedom from the shackles of dieting and emotional eating challenges, and to find sustainable peace with food, body, and self so they can live their life on their own trusted terms, without ever going on another restrictive diet again.


02:33 Introduction and Welcoming Tracy

02:41 Tracy’s Personal Journey with Dieting

05:39 The Turning Point: Fitness and Realizations

08:02 Struggles and Realizations in Adulthood

11:40 Mindful Eating and Emotional Healing

20:50 Five-Step Approach to Healing

31:36 Skepticism About Intermittent Fasting

32:02 Personal Experiences with Intermittent Fasting

33:32 Trusting Your Intuition

33:27 Challenges with Food and Social Situations

34:34 The Role of Fitness in Well-being

35:32 Finding Enjoyable Physical Activities

38:25 The Importance of Good Energy

39:14 Addressing Sleep Issues

40:56 Keys to Sustainable Eating

43:17 Mindfulness and Childhood Influences

46:03 Self-Compassion and Healing

46:52 Journaling and Positive Self-Talk

50:03 Emotional Eating Rescue

52:02 Coaching Programs and Resources

53:30 Final Thoughts and Reflections


Connect with Tracy Desjardins:


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Michele Simms Host of The Beauty In The Mess Podcast

My mission is to help people learn from the successes and failures of others to develop themselves faster and more efficiently. I am just a regular person and now a podcaster. I have launched 55 episodes into the world and have many more to come. I have been podcasting for over two years now. I am the mom of 4 wonderful kids and the wife to a great husband. I also have two fur babies, a dog and a cat, and I work full time besides podcasting.

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