1. Productivity Strategy #3 to Stick with Your Calendar Time Blocks Anne Bachrach 1:37

Today we are talking about Productivity Strategy #3 to Stick with Your Calendar Time Blocks, which is to Enable Smooth Transitions.


Imagine finishing a marathon and then immediately playing a local soccer game with your buddies. That’s a horrible transition. Your body will ache and walking alone will be a challenge. When stuffing activities in your time blocks, consider how you will transition from one activity to the next.

Writing a proposal makes it easier to then transition into email outreach than create a client video. We must perform our tasks, but how we order our tasks impacts our ability to get more done in less time. Perform all of your prospecting tasks within the same time block and perform non-prospecting tasks within different time blocks. 

Constantly bouncing around from one frame of mind to the other will hurt your productivity and create friction within your workflow. Rather than bounce around throughout the day, group your tasks based on similarities. This productivity strategy will create smoother transitions within your workflow.

Tune in tomorrow for Productivity Strategy #4.  


For information on time blocking, check out an article I wrote by going to https://bit.ly/Time_Blocking


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