1. How Does a Vision Board Activate the Law of Attraction to Help You Reach Your Goals? Anne Bachrach 1:42

Vision boards are inspirational collages of pictures and words that help engage your subconscious mind. These boards are a powerful way of activating the Law of Attraction to make your desires more attainable.

Let me share a few ideas about how you can activate the Law of Attraction to make your life and personal goals a reality:

·         Look, hold, and imagine your vision every night. 

·         Add affirmation statements to your vision board to feel good, full, and confident. 

·         Wake up early and go through your vision board to ensure your goals and desires are at the top of your mind.

·         Carry a recipe of words describing who and where you want to be. 

·         During hard times, look at your past achievements and celebrate them. 

As time passes and you start achieving your goals, don’t remove the images that represent the goals you’ve already achieved. 

Achievement of your professional and personal goals in your vision board is a powerful visual reminder of the fantastic things you’ve attracted in your life. Don’t stop there, instead keep updating your vision board to transform your dreams into a reality.

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