1. How Can You Be An Even Better Delegator and Accelerate Your Results? Anne Bachrach 1:55

When overwhelmed with too much to do or you realize you aren’t spending enough time in client acquisition / revenue generation activities, you just might need to consider being a better delegator. 


Some Questions to Ask Yourself as it relates to delegation are:

·         Does delegating make sense for me to grow my business?

·         Does my business have the revenue to delegate?  If not now, when?

·         How much time am I spending on tasks that are slowing my growth?

·         What should I look for in employees/contractors? 

·         Should they be virtual or in-house, or a combination of the two?

·         How would I feel to not have to do administrative tasks or activities that don’t directly relate to generating revenue and growing my business?


Big-name businesses didn’t get to the point they are at today by the owners or executives doing everything themselves.  They implemented the art of effective delegation when the time became necessary to take their business to the next level.  Delegation is the ideal way to grow your business without having to take on more responsibility and sacrifice your personal time with your family or doing what you want to do.  The bottom line is that delegation always makes sense.   

How can you become a master delegator to accelerate your business results? 

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Anne Bachrach is a renowned expert in accountability and has helped business owners for over 25 years to achieve their ideal business and life. She believes that personal accountability is the key to success, and having someone to answer to regularly about progress is a powerful motivator. Anne has authored many books, including "Excuses Don't Count; Results Rule!", "Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives", and "The Work Life Balance Emergency Kit, No Excuses!". She has also co-authored the book "Roadmap to Success" with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.

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