1. Check out my Interview with Thomas Helfrich, Technology and AI Expert Anne Bachrach 23:56

I know you will find my guest to be a wealth of great information related to how we can best use all the great AI tools available to help you more quickly grow our business and be even more successful.

Thomas Helfrich is Your Double (or Triple) Scoop of Top-Secret Lead-Generating Marketing Mojo. He is a Founder and CEO, who has 20 years of experience in consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurial executive Coaching. He has mentored hundreds of startup founders worldwide, spreading his magic touch. As a LinkedIn influencer, international public speaker, and social media figure with over 250,000 followers, Thomas is a recognized thought leader in the realms of entrepreneurship and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

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Anne Bachrach is a renowned expert in accountability and has helped business owners for over 25 years to achieve their ideal business and life. She believes that personal accountability is the key to success, and having someone to answer to regularly about progress is a powerful motivator. Anne has authored many books, including "Excuses Don't Count; Results Rule!", "Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives", and "The Work Life Balance Emergency Kit, No Excuses!". She has also co-authored the book "Roadmap to Success" with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.

Anne has been podcasting since 2008, sharing her business success principles and resources on The Accountability Coach Podcast. She also started The Accountability Minute in 2018, which is a daily, single, simple, and doable idea to help individuals stay accountable and achieve their goals. With her fresh approach to business and emphasis on personal accountability, Anne Bachrach is a valuable resource for any business professional looking to accelerate their results and achieve their highest potential.