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Many times, we get in the way of ourselves, meaning our beliefs limit us from reaching our goals.  We all have limiting beliefs, some more than others.  Since limiting beliefs are at the subconscious level, most of us are not even aware that we have them; however, they can stand in the way of you being successful in your business or other areas of your life.

What is a Limiting Belief?

Beliefs are perceptions based on memories of past experiences, and how we have interpreted them.  We make emotional attachments to people and events, which then become the foundation of our belief system.  Beliefs translate into how we view ourselves, others, and situations, and give us a sense of certainty on how we act on a daily basis.  These influence the decisions you make throughout the day based on expectations that you have.  A limiting belief causes you to automatically make an assessment based on something that is inaccurate.  

While some limiting beliefs are easier to identify than others, they do begin to become part of your identity.  Limiting beliefs have a negative impact on your life because they stunt your personal growth.  By keeping you in your comfort zone, you will never explore other options that allow you to improve and be even more successful. When you create a goal, you will probably be very motivated for the first few days, weeks, or even month, but that motivation wanes over time. That’s partially due to your limiting beliefs affecting your thoughts.  Those beliefs that are negative must be dealt with before you can move forward.  

Identifying Limiting Beliefs 

Everyone has a different perception of the way something occurred.  We all have limiting beliefs but most of them are not relevant to our everyday life.  In order to be successful, you need to only focus on those issues that are important, so let’s explore five tips for identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs now.

1.      Make a List.  Think about the areas of your life in which you feel challenged.  If there is an area that you struggle with, and you are not working on fixing it, it is probably due to a limiting belief.   This could be at work, with finances, or your relationships with others.

2.      Make Another List.  According to the challenges you listed previously in the first step, make a list of your beliefs.  Include both positive and negative during the brainstorming process.  Think about how much you could accomplish at work if you weren’t held back by the negative beliefs.

3.      Deal with the Negativity.  Read each belief aloud and ask if it is truth or your perception.  For those negative beliefs, ask where they came from.  You cannot get accurate conclusions about people or life events from only a few experiences.  

4.      Choose One and Disavow it.  Pick one negative belief and tell yourself that it is no longer true and examine the source.  For example, maybe you never actually tried it yourself and are basing your thoughts on others’ opinions.

5.      Replace with an

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